Heavy Bass Victims You Are Not Alone
Do you often hear low thumping, rumbling, and booming sounds that you can't ignore, and wonder why others seem to be going about their business as if everything is normal and fine? If you feel alone, you are not.
James Kaufman, Mark Huber
Rochester Soundscape Society 2005 PDF

Oakland Cars Gone Wild
Auto sideshows are an exhibition of urban street-driving and doing what are called "donuts." With music in the background, audiences watch screeching tires and burning rubber. The crowd passes judgment on good or bad execution. Sometimes crowds get too close, and sometimes people get into accidents.
Josh Mankiewicz
MSNBC Dateline 2005 PDF

Making Bikers Pipe Down
Armed with a decibel meter, a Laguna Beach police officer works to rid the city's streets of noisy motorcycles. He's a hero to some, an irritation to others.
Hector Becerra
Los Angeles Times 2005 PDF

The Biker Question: To Roar or Not to Roar
More and more American bikers are telling dealers to replace the factory exhaust pipes with aftermarket high-performance exhaust systems, plunking down as much as $1,000 in the process. The noise they let out is often in excess of the federal maximum for motorcycles of 80 decibels.
Ann Ferrar
The New York Times 2003 PDF

Clamoring for Quiet: New Ways to Mitigate Noise
New technologies are providing innovative ways to reduce sound levels in many areas.
Environmental Health Perspectives; National Institutes of Health 2005 PDF

Keep It Down! Euro Noise Assault
A program in Europe is mapping levels in 25 nations. The program requires noise maps for all European Union cities with more than 250,000 people, as well as around major roads, rail lines and airports by 2007.
Associated Press
Wired 2003 PDF

How to Soundproof an Apartment to Muffle Your Wife's Drumming
The neighbors wanted assurances they would keep things quiet in their two-bedroom apartment. The couple describes how they successfully soundproofed their co-op apartment by hiring an acoustic consultant and contractors specializing in noise abatement.
Alexander Gelfand
Wired 2007 PDF


The Quiet Guide 2007
A practical guide on creating quiet spaces in your daily living. Also includes information on where to find quiet household products and electrical appliances.
Val Weedon, MBE
UK Noise Association 2007 PDF


Noise and Health of Children
Children may adversely affected by noise than adults, in part because they possess less well-developed coping responses, and are often less able to control their environments. It is unknown to which extent aggressive behaviour, helplessness, and hyperactivity are a consequence of noise exposure.
W. Passchier-Vermeer
Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) 2000 PDF

Guidelines for Community Noise - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Appendix
The Guidelines for Community Noise have been prepared as a practical response to the need for action on community noise at the local level, as well as the need for improved legislation, management and guidance at the national and regional levels.
Birgitta Berglund, Thomas Lindvall, Dietrich H. Schwela
World Health Organization 1999 PDF

Summary of Adverse Health Effects of Noise Pollution
Based on the World Health Organization Guideline for Community Noise.
Louis Hagler, MD 2005 PDF

Expanded Summary of Adverse Health Effects of Noise Pollution
An expanded summary from the World Health Organization Guideline for Community Noise.
Louis Hagler, MD 2005 PDF

Editorial: Noise and Health
Noise affects everybody in everyday life. However, human organisms are not prepared to shut off the noise.
Environmental Health Perspectives; National Institutes of Health 2005 PDF

Decibel Hell: The Effects of Living in a Noisy World
Certain sound exposures are not only annoying but can also produce a range of adverse physiological effects and affect learning ability.
Environmental Health Perspectives; National Institutes of Health 2005 PDF

Health - Loud Music Lung Collapse Warning
Loud music can do more than damage your hearing - it can also cause your lungs to collapse. Experts writing in the Thorax detail four cases where loud music fans experienced the condition, known as a pneumothorax.
BBC News 2004 PDF

Is Your Life Too Loud?
You won't believe just how loud everyday sounds really are and what kind of toll they're taking.
Tom McGrath
MSN / Men's Health 2006 PDF

Health - Now Hear This - If You Can
Americans are amazingly tolerant of the noise that engulfs them at work and play. They shouldn't be. The din causes millions to lose their hearing, slowly but surely.
Anastasia Toufexis
Time 1991 PDF

Health - Just Too Loud
Car alarms! Boom boxes! Leaf blowers! If the noise isn't making you crazy, it may be making you sick.
Jeffrey Kluger
Time 2004 PDF

A Little Bit Louder, Please
More than 28 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, a number that could reach 78 million by 2030. The latest science, new treatments - and how to protect yourself.
David Noonan
MSNBC Newsweek 2005 PDF

Motorcycle Noise Called Hearing Threat
The noise from a motorcycle is as intense as that from a loud rock concert and can permanently damage hearing, new scientific research has found.
Joyce Howard Price
The Washington Times 2004 PDF

Monitoring Vibroacoustic Disease
Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is a whole-body pathology caused by excessive exposure to low frequency noise (LFN). VAD has been observed in military and commercial pilots and aircrew, and in a civilian population exposed to environmental LFN.
Nuno A. A. Castelo Branco, Augusto J. F. Martinho Pimenta, José M. Reis Ferreira, Mariana Alves-Pereira
Vibroacoustic Disease Project 2002 PDF

Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD)
Low frequency noise exposure causes thickening of cardiovascular structures. Indeed, pericardial thickening with no inflammatory process, and in the absence of diastolic dysfunction, is the hallmark of VAD. Depressions, increased irritability and aggressiveness, a tendency for isolation, and decreased cognitive skills are all part of the clinical picture of VAD.
N. A. A. Castelo Branco, M. Alves-Pereira
Noise and Health 2004 PDF

Night Noise Guidelines for Europe
This book reviews the health effects of exposure to night-time noise, examines dose-effect relations, and presents interim and ultimate guideline values for exposure. Intended for policy-makers in reducing the effects of night-time noise, thus helping to improve the health of the people in Europe.
World Health Organization 2009 PDF


We Want You Listening For A Lifetime
A pamphlet included with most audio electronics that include headphones on establishing a safe sound level for listening.
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 2007 PDF

A Guide To Lobbying Your Local Elected Officials
A guide that shows its members how to be politically active in response to legislation that affects SEMA.
Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2000 PDF

One of our Own
An interview with Congressman Darrell Issa. The founder of Directed Electronics, a company that manufacturers car alarm and car audio systems. He is a member of the Congressional Automotive, Performance and Motorsports Caucus that promotes legislation favorable to SEMA member companies.
Robert Eckhardt
Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2004 PDF

Issa Was Charged In San Jose Car Theft
Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, founder of Direct Electronics, was prosecuted with his brother in San Jose in 1980 for allegedly faking the theft of his Mercedes Benz sedan and selling it to a car dealer, according to court records.
Lance Williams, Carla Marinucci
San Francisco Chronicle 2003 PDF

Jacobs Vehicle Systems on Engine Brake Noise
A company presentation to mitigate the impact of noise pollution regulation caused by its products.
Jacobs Vehicle Systems 2000 PDF

MERA Releases Industry Advertising Position
A position statement warning its member companies "not to use symbols, messages or suggest behavior that would adversely affect the industry. Irresponsible promotion could negatively impact the perception of our industry by the public at large and could be used against us by activists or government to regulate our products and activities."
Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) 2004 PDF

MERA Contests NYC Council on Audible Alarms
A press release detailing their lobbying efforts opposing a ban on car alarms in New York City. They take credit that "the language of the proposed ordinance has been amended to soften the blow to the mobile electronics industry."
Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) 2004 PDF

MERA Releases Practice Safe Sound Campaign
An announcement of a poster campaign and handouts on "safe sound" for their member retailers to distribute to their customers. "This program is designed to aid the industry in the onslaught of noise legislation across the country."
Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) 2004 PDF

Practice Safe Sound - Do You Know Where Your Poster Is?
A reminder for its member retailers to display the "safe sound" poster and counter card. "The mobile electronics industry is often characterized as irresponsible with respect to protecting the rights of private citizens regarding noise. It's very important that you take part in this program to show the special interest groups and our legislators that the mobile enhancement industry is doing its part. These activists are determined to restrict the sales, use, installation and possession of boom car systems."
Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) 2004 PDF

Boom & Tune 2005
A flyer for a boom car sound pressure level (SPL) competition held in Martinsville, Indiana. The event was sponsored by the 'Destined to Win Christian Center.' These types of events are often sponsored by local religious organizations and civic groups looking to raise money and believing it is wholesome entertainment for the family.
Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) 2005 PDF

Driving Force Newsletter
SEMA Action Network newsletter that focuses on their legislative efforts to fight vehicle exhaust noise bills, and the rights of residents to limit the hours of operation for nearby racetracks "without regard to the many racing enthusiasts in the state."
Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2005 PDF

AMA Position on Excessive Motorcycle Noise
A position statement released by the American Motorcyclist Association calling on riders and the industry to self regulate excessive motorcycle noise.
American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) PDF

AMA Sound Advice
An analysis of motorcycle sound by the Motorcycle Sound Working Group.
American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 2003 PDF

The Issue of Noise Echoes from The Past
"The sweet sound of a Harley rolling down a backstreet strikes a mellow chord someplace deep within most riders. All is right with the world. But for some others, it's just noise."
Harley-Davidson Motor Company 2006 PDF

Something We Never Want To Lose
An article written by the CEO of Harley-Davidson Motor Company on restrictive legislation and negative press coverage caused by motorcycle noise.
Jim McCaslin
Harley-Davidson Motor Company 2006 PDF

Do Loud Pipes Really Save Lives? - Page 1 | Page 2
An article on the issue of loud motorcycles, that some riders believe save lives.
Ken Condon
Motorcycle Consumer News 2004 PDF

Loud Pipes Risk Rights: AMA, MRF Team Up to Tackle Noise
An article about the efforts of the AMA and MRF to deal with motorcycle noise.
Art Friedman
Motorcycle Cruiser 2003 PDF

Installing a New Exhaust System on Your Motorcycle
An step-by-step article on how to install an aftermarket exhaust system on a motorcycle. At the end of article, the magazine editors caution readers not to dispose of the original-equipment pipes in case the motorcycle needs to pass a state inspection.
Mark Zimmerman
Motorcycle Cruiser 2003 PDF

Pioneer Electronics' Automotive Audio Systems
It may not be a club that the well-adjusted and highly successful people who read Adweek would care to join. But in the aggregate, even anti-social numskulls have plenty of discretionary income to spend. With this scene of two drivers drag-racing as a crowd of friends cheer them on, the ad prompts a reader to feel that Pioneer is part of a life that's more exciting than the version he's currently living.
Mark Dolliver
Adweek 2003 PDF

Straight Pipes and Street Civility
Noise pollution is not a fabrication of the anti-automobility activists. It should be self-evident higher ambient noise levels lead to higher stress levels among many if not most people. Thus restrictions on exhaust noise make sense for helping to maintain a semblance of a civil society.
Steve Thompson
Autoweek 2006 PDF

Rumbler Intersection-Clearing System
A marketing sell-sheet that describes the Rumbler device and its specifications.
Federal Signal Corporation 2007 PDF

Howler Low Frequency Tone Siren
A marketing sell-sheet that describes the Howler device and its specifications.
Whelen Engineering 2008 PDF

Law Enforcement

NYPD Community Council Bylaws
New York City Police Department Precinct / PSA Community Councils bylaws.
New York City Police Department 2004 PDF

NYPD Community Council Addendum
A notice suspending the operation of the term limit provisions for Precinct/PSA Community Councils.
New York City Police Department 2004 PDF

Peoria Police Department Vehicle Impoundment Program Summary
An excerpt from the Peoria Police Department on its expansion of its vehicle impoundment program to include excessive noise (music) from vehicles.
Officer Donna Nicholson
Peoria Police Department 2007 PDF

Slow It Down, Turn It Down
Following the state law in Florida that prohibits booming (plainly audible standard at 25'), this pamphlet is part of a public awareness campaign designed to remind drivers that blasting loud music is against the law that will result in a traffic citation.
Kevin Beary, Sheriff
Orange County Sheriff's Office 2005 PDF

Loud Car Stereos
This guide addresses the problem of loud car stereos, one of the most common sources of noise complaints in many jurisdictions. It begins by describing the problem and reviewing factors that contribute to it. The guide also identifies a series of questions that might assist you in analyzing your local problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem and what is known about these from evaluative research and police practice.
Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series Guide No. 7
Community Oriented Policing Series (COPS)
Michael S. Scott
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 2002 PDF

Street Racing
This guide provides a general discussion of the problem of street racing and reviews the factors that contribute to it. The guide also identifies questions to ask when dealing with a street racing problem, proposes numerous responses to the problem and identifies ways to measure the effectiveness of responses to the problem.
Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series Guide No. 28
Community Oriented Policing Series (COPS)
Ronald W. Glensor, Kenneth J. Peak
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 2004 PDF

This guide provides a general discussion of the problem of cruising and reviews the factors that contribute to it. The guide also identifies questions to ask when dealing with a cruising problem, proposes numerous responses to the problem and identifies ways to measure the effectiveness of responses to the problem.
Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series Guide No. 29
Community Oriented Policing Series (COPS)
Ronald W. Glensor, Kenneth J. Peak
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 2005 PDF

Turn It Down!
The Gulfport Police Department in Mississippi announced a campaign to raise public awareness of the city's noise ordinance, which sets a penalty of up to $1,000 for disturbing the peace of others. The campaign slogan is "Turn it down or pay up. Your music. Your money."
Robin Fitzgerald
The Sun Herald 2006 PDF


Denver City Council Amendment on Motorcycle Noise
The Denver City Council passed Bill 242 prohibiting motocycle owners from modifying the exhaust system to increase noise levels. All motorcycles are required to bear the EPA stamp for noise emissions on the exhaust system.
Denver City Council 2007 PDF

Boston City Council Regulating Motorcycle Noise
In 2009, the Boston City Council passed Docket 0658, the ordinance grants the Boston Police Department the authority to fine any motorcycle that does not display the required EPA stamp on the exhaust system.
Boston City Council 2009 PDF

New York City Council Intro 416-A
A proposed enforcement amendment to allow the New York City Police Department to visually inspect parked motorcycles for the required EPA stamp.
New York City Council 2008 PDF

California SB 435
California SB 435. It requires motorcycle operators to maintain their federally required emissions equipment (on both original, and aftermarket exhaust systems), including a readily visible EPA stamp certifying compliance.
California State Legislature 2010 PDF

NYC Queens Community Board 1 Bylaws
Community Board No. 1, Borough of Queens bylaws.
New York City Borough of Queens 1995 PDF

NYC Queens Community Board 1 Members
Community Board No. 1, Borough of Queens members.
New York City Borough of Queens 2004 PDF

New York City Council Int. 397-A
The revised noise code in effect in New York City.
New York City Council 2005 PDF

CEPA Report Leaf Blowers
A report to the California legislature on the potential health and environmental impact of leaf blowers.
California Environmental Protection Agency
State of California Air Resources Board 2000 PDF

Model Community Noise Control Ordinance
A report published by the EPA that includes a recommended model ordinance for cities and counties.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1975 PDF

Insuring Domestic Tranquility Through Quieter Products
A proposed product-nuisance tort that would place the legal responsibility of noisy products on the manufacturer.
Jason A. Lief
Yeshiva University 2004 PDF

Draft Noise Guide for Local Government
This guide aims to provide practical advice to local government officers in the day-to-day management of local noise problems and in the interpretation of existing policy and legislation. For planners, this guide outlines planning considerations which can have a significant bearing on prevention of future noise problems.
Environment Protection Authority (Australia) 2002 PDF

Noise that Annoys: Regulating Unwanted Sound
Regulation is left largely to state and local officials, with no federal support, and regulators are caught between commerce and environmental protection.
Environmental Health Perspectives; National Institutes of Health 2005 PDF


Rumbler Siren Sound Sample
A sound sample of the siren. Most speakers cannot fully reproduce the sound energy it produces.

Ozarks at Large - Motorcycle Noise in Eureka Springs
A report on the increasing motorcycle noise problem in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a tourist-friendly small arts community.
Jacqueline Froelich
KUAF National Public Radio 2008 MP3

Turn It Down or Pay Up! Your Music. Your Money.
A public service announcement warning motorists against illegal loud music in Gulfport, Mississippi.
Alan Weatherford, Chief of Police
Gulfport Police Department 2006 WMV

20/20 "Lies, Myths and Nasty Behavior" - Too Much Noise!
'Too Much Noise!' is being number 8 on a list of nasty behavior. Includes cell phones, ATV's, jet-skis, nightclubs, car alarms, boom cars and motorcycles.
John Stossel
ABC News 20/20 2005 WMV

20/20 "Boom or Bust" - Toxic Neighbors
The biggest purchase of your life could be poisoned by toxic neighbors. Celebrities Jim Belushi and Julie Newmar are featured.
Juju Chang
ABC News 20/20 2006 WMV

20/20 Rainforest Bird
In the Australian rainforest, there is a bird that mimics the sounds it hears. The bird actually mimics the prevalent noise of car alarms and chainsaws.
Diane Sawyer
ABC News 20/20 2007 WMV

Pioneer "Disturb"
Pioneer Electronics thug-marketing video titled Disturb. A boomer talks about spending half of his inheritance money to purchase car audio equipment costing $30,000. Another brags about how his boom car sets off car alarms and once caused a little boy to cry in the middle of the street.
Pioneer Electronics 2003 MOV

Pepsi "The Not-So-Vanilla Vanilla"
A Pepsi Vanilla truck blasts music in an urban neighborhood. Actors pretend to be impressed and excited about the noise. Pepsi also toured a customized truck around the country with a 5,500 watt sound system and a hydraulic system to make the truck bounce.
Pepsi / BBDO 2003 WMV

Volkswagen "Independence Day"
In this spot for the Volkswagen Jetta, they present two archetypes as neighbors: young urbanites as free spirits who enjoy loud music and an angry old man with an abhorrence to noise. It's obvious to whom the automaker is pandering to, but how differently would consumers respond if the downstairs neighbor was presented as a parent with a newborn child or someone who is ill?
Volkswagen 2005 MOV

Sounds of Silence?
Screaming car alarms are now a focus of those who want silence.
CBS 2 News (NY) 2003 WMV

Stolen Sleep
New York City parents are charging that car alarm sirens are frightening their children and infants.
NewsChannel 4 (NY) 2004 WMV

Car Alarm Protest
The car alarm rally on the steps of City Hall.
UPN 9 News (NY) 2004 WMV

Car Alarm Rally
A move to ban car alarms from New York City streets.
UPN 9 News (NY) 2004 WMV

Buffalo Intends To Ban Boom Cars
Buffalo is cracking down on what some politicians describe as an audio mugging. They believe the city is under assault from boom cars.
WKBW 7 News (NY) 2006 WMV

Cleveland Artists Murdered in Neighbor Dispute
A sixty year old university professor complained about her neighbor's loud music at her apartment building. The neighbor playing the loud music retaliated by shooting her and another resident.
WKYC News (OH) 2006 WMV

Bear Butte
The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe are seeking to protect a sacred mountain site in South Dakota against a developer who wants to build a biker bar. They consider the bars and motorcycles a disrespectful intrusion into the solitude and the sanctity of Bear Butte.
Lucky Severson
Religion and Ethics 2006 WMV

Booming Dodge Commercial
A group in an SUV try to move into a tight parking space blocked by another vehicle. The driver blasts music to cause the other vehicles to vibrate away.
Dodge / Sirius Satellite Radio 2006 WMV

Noise Pollution Discussion
Brigade Electronics bbs-tec is a manufacturer of truck and heavy vehicle back-up alarms that emits a broadband sound (also known as white sound), that prevent noise nuisance as the sound dissipates over a short distance.
Brigade Electronics WMV

Tuscumbia, Alabama Passes Noise Code
The Tuscombia City Council has approved a new noise code.

Noise Abatement

Sound & Noise Generation, Propagation & Reduction
A practical guide for making anything quiet: homes, condos, schools, factories, cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, RVs, appliances and machinery.
Quiet Solution Incorporated 2004 PDF

Making Walls Quiet
Soundproofing solutions for homes, condos, apartments offices, hospitals. Practical information for contractors, builders, acoustic engineers and homeowners.
Quiet Solution Incorporated 2005 PDF


Please PIPEDOWN Newsletter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
Heard in shopping malls, grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and elevators, piped music is ubiquitous and annoying. A published source for news about the campaign for freedom from piped music.
Ruth Schiedermayer

Alarmingly Useless
The case for banning car alarms in New York City.
Aaron Friedman, Aaron Naparstek, Mateo Taussig-Rubbo
Transportation Alternatives 2003 PDF

Why Ban Car Alarms?
A fact sheet for banning car alarms.
Transportation Alternatives 2003 PDF

Turning Off Alarms
A technical explanation on how drivers can turn off their car alarms.
Transportation Alternatives 2003 PDF

Assessment of Noise Annoyance
A white paper assessment of noise annoyance with statistics and other information.
Schomer and Associates 2001 PDF

Excessive Vehicle Noise - Impact and Remedies
The noise level in our cities is rapidly increasing due to heavier traffic, more powerful engines and other vehicles that do not adhere to Canadian Noise Standards.
Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Digital Recordings 2004 PDF

Boom Car Noise
Covers hearing, decibels, db drag racing, safe db lebels, decibel meters, frequencies, infrasound, reacting to boom cars, vibroacoustic disease, highway safety, property values boom cars and crime, resources.
Patrice Thomas 2004 PDF

At An Unhappy Hour: 10 Noisiest Bars In Manhattan - Report | Cover | Press Release
Some bars in New York City get away with blasting loud music and disrupting neighborhoods without repercussions. This report contains a list of the ten most complained about bars in Manhattan that demonstrate little consideration for their residential neighbors. It also exposes the dysfunctional process by which liquor licenses are granted and noise complaints are addressed.
Eva S. Moskowitz
The Council Of the City of New York 2005 PDF

Automotive Aftermarket's "Lethal Assualt" On American Communities
A chronicle of the automotive aftermarket (speed, specialty equipment, hot rod industry) in the United States from its emergence in the 1930's, through the golden age of hot rodding in the 1950's & 60's, its dramatic growth into a $29 billion a year transnational industry in the 1990's and its ongoing convergence with the car audio industry.
Mark J. Huber 2005 PDF

Madvertising Rage
A chronicle of the mobile electronics and automotive aftermarket (speed, specialty equipment, or hot rod industry) marketing and advertising practices, including key messages and slogans that are intended equate their equipment as an acoustic weapon.
Mark J. Huber 2005 PDF

Distractions In Everyday Driving
A detailed analysis to identify major sources of distraction contributing to crashes and to develop a taxonomy of specific driver distractions to better understand the potential risks on driving performance.
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 2003 PDF

Low Frequency Noise and its Effects
A comprehensive review of published research on low frequency noise and its effects.
Dr. Geoff Leventhall, Dr. Peter Pelmear, Dr. Stephen Benton
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK 2003 PDF

The Hurt Report
A summary of observations and exposure data of motorcycle accidents. From a published report titled, "Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures."
H.H. Hurt, J.V. Ouellet, D.R. Thom
National Technical Information Service 1981 PDF

Property Values Affected By Off-Highway Vehicle Track
A prepared report submitted to the City and Borough of Juneau, AL, on how property values will be affected by a proposed off-highway vehicle track. Includes research information and case studies.
Charlie Elliot
Elliot and Company Appraisers 2008 PDF