NoiseOFF Teacher's Guide

You can download and print the PDF version here.

The individual units may easily be adapted to many levels and taught across different scholastic levels:

  • Science (Environment, Human Health)
  • Social Science (Civics, Activism, Government, Consumer Protection)
  • Language Arts, Communications (Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations)

Level 1

Level 1 is for elementary and high school students to learn about noise pollution and how they can protect their hearing.

  • What is sound?
  • How does the human ear work?
  • What is noise pollution?
  • What is a decibel?
  • How can you protect your hearing?

Level 2

Level 2 is for high school students to develop a critical analytical ability about noise pollution, civics, human health and the environment.

  • Does noise pollution have physical effects on the human body?
  • Why has noise pollution become so prevalent in society?
  • What is society doing about noise pollution?
  • What negative social effects result from noise pollution?
  • Are all noise pollution problems the same?
  • Critical Analysis: The Tavern
  • Critical Analysis: Boom Cars
  • Critical Analysis: Backyard Motocross Track
  • What is NoiseOFF?

The questions in each section are designed to engage students to better understand noise pollution issues from their own perspective. The questions are open-ended, there is no assumed right or wrong answer.

It may be helpful to establish ground rules for constructive discussion, including ways to respectfully disagree.