Teacher's Guide

You can download and print the PDF version here.

The individual units may easily be adapted to many levels and taught across different scholastic levels:

  • Science (Environment, Human Health)
  • Social Science (Civics, Activism, Government, Consumer Protection)
  • Language Arts, Communications (Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations)

Level 1

Level 1 is for elementary and high school students to learn about noise pollution and how they can protect their hearing.

  • What is sound?
  • How does the human ear work?
  • What is noise pollution?
  • What is a decibel?
  • How can you protect your hearing?

Level 2

Level 2 is for high school students to develop a critical analytical ability about noise pollution, civics, human health and the environment.

  • Does noise pollution have physical effects on the human body?
  • Why has noise pollution become so prevalent in society?
  • What is society doing about noise pollution?
  • What negative social effects result from noise pollution?
  • Are all noise pollution problems the same?
  • Critical Analysis: The Tavern
  • Critical Analysis: Boom Cars
  • Critical Analysis: Backyard Motocross Track
  • What is NoiseOFF?

The questions in each section are designed to engage students to better understand noise pollution issues from their own perspective. The questions are open-ended, there is no assumed right or wrong answer.

It may be helpful to establish ground rules for constructive discussion, including ways to respectfully disagree.


Noise Pollution Presentation
A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on noise pollution. Use this when making presentations to community groups, city council meetings and classrooms. Specific sections on boom cars, car alarms, motorcycles, exhaust systems and leaf blowers. Includes over 130 slides that can be edited or merged. For printing, we recommend two slides per page.


Distribute in your community and raise public awareness. Post them on bulletin boards (work, supermarket, library, school campus, coffee house, house of worship) and pass them out at community meetings and public spaces. Send copies to your local elected legislators and the media.

Boom Cars Ruin our Community
You have the right to peace in your environment.

Car Alarms Blight the Neighborhood
We posted this on your windshield because your car alarm sounded off.

Noise Pollution is a Serious Health Hazard
You have the right to peace in your environment.

Bikers Beware - Citizens are Taking the Community Back
We have the right to peace in our environment.