The Tyranny of Noise

The World's Most Prevalent Pollution
Who Causes It, How it's Hurting You and How to Fight it.

You suffer from noise. You wince at the sounds of jackhammers and air compressors. The crash of garbage cans on a Saturday morning stirs you to rage. You curse the sound of a blaring horn. You dread the coming of the sonic boom.

You are not alone.

Millions throughout the world suffer the tyranny of noise. In this devastating exposé of a problem that industry and government have refused to recognize, Robert Alex Baron, America's lead authority on noise abatement, reveals the facts others ignore. He tells why doctors consider noise to be a contributing cause of diseases ranging from headaches to heart attacks. He documents the millions of dollars in compensation owed to sufferers of noise-induced hearing loss, the devaluation of real estate in noisy areas, the accidents and loss of productivity caused by noise. He describes in detail the many, often unnoticed ways in which noise intrudes in our lives, making privacy a meaningless word.

Equally important, the author puts the blame for this colossal din where it belongs: on the corporations and public officials whose greed and indiffererence have brought acoustic anarchy to our world. He makes concrete, feasible proposals for noise control, challenging the noisemakers to respond. If they do not, he warns, the public will take matters into its own hands. Read this book to find what you can do to turn back most prevalent pollution of them all.