Loud Motorcycles

Appendix V

Here is example marketing material from the motorcycle aftermarket exhaust industry.

Parts Magazine is a dealer publication. The motorcycle on the cover features a straight pipe exhaust system.


Shogun Exhaust (Samson Motorcycle Products, Inc.) offers a line of pipes for metric cruisers that are as "bad" as Harley pipes. Baffles are sold as optional.

Rinehart Racing (Bub Enterprises, Inc.) offers "racetrack roar" in its line of aftermarket exhaust systems for street use motorcycles.

Caliber High Performance Exhaust (Samson Motorcycle Products, Inc.) dealer catalog of exhaust systems for stock motorcycles. They claim that "the sound of each of the Caliber pipes is a deep rumble". The 98-page catalog includes a disclaimer that "the exhaust systems appearing throughout this catalog are not intended for use on noise or pollution controlled vehicles [except those used in organized and sanctioned racing or competition events] when the installation of the same would be in violation of state and federal laws governing noise or emission standards".

Motorcycle Events

Bike runs are sponsored events for riders to cruise the roadways in large packs. It also serves as a public relations event to improve the image of motorcyclists by collecting money and resources for charities representing war veterans, children's hospitals, and toys for children programs.

This bike run event promises to donate fifty-percent (50%) of collected monies to a children's hospital. They also promise to "end the summer with the loudest pipes in the area".