Albany, N. Y.: Assembly Bill 135

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Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:59 pm
"Albany, N. Y.: Assembly Bill 135, sponsored by Asm. Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) would require the inspection and sound-level testing of all motorcycle exhaust systems during the New York State vehicle inspection process. A motorcycle would have to comply with the sound level provisions established in Section 386 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law in order to pass the inspection and receive a validation sticker".

That's nice, but is it enforceable? I don't think so.

Here is the text of the bill:

Here is the sound level test as established in Section 386.
Sound testing:

It is a vehicle in motion test at a distance of 50 feet from the line of travel. This type of sound test is essentially impossible to carry out. The Asm. Lancman is sponsoring would "require the inspection and sound-level testing of all motorcycle exhaust systems during the New York State vehicle inspection process".
Does anyone seriously think inspection stations will actually carry this out? They won't even be able to carry it out.

Section 386 does allow adjustments to the distance of the test as long as the allowable sound level is adjusted to account for a different testing distance. The only way for the stations to practically carry out a sound test is to perform a stationary test closer to the motorcycle, such as a 20" sound test. New York law does not specify any stationary sound test. So what will they do? You can bet the motorcyclists will argue the heck out of this law when they fail whatever sound test an inspection station decides to conduct. I would not be surprised if the division of motor vehicles, or whoever oversees the annual inspection, would object to this bill on the grounds that is impractical.

You New Yorkers out there should get on top of this and contact Asm. Lancman, or someone in the Assembly, and explain a thing or two to them. It doesn't look to me that they know what they are doing. They are proceeding without thinking. The state should start by making sure that the inspection stations are examining motorcycles for proper equipment and enforce the state's equipment standard as a first measure in controlling motorcycle noise. If they want to enact legislation, they should be beefing up the equipment standard and more clearly define what a proper exhaust system is, and what an improper exhaust systems is. They should consider recognizing the Federal equipment standard for motorcycles and enforce that. That is what they should be doing if they are serious about controlling motorcycle noise.

Mufflers and exhaust systems: the equipment standard. ... 5_375.html

I hope some of you out there will follow up on this. I am not a New Yorker, and I don't have the time. I've saved you a lot of time by researching this for you.
Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:23 pm
look at motorcycle inspections start near the end of this.

inspections are already supposed to reject any exhaust not equiv to original, modified pipes etc.

all the laws in the world wont help if inspection stations dont do their job in the first place.

get the dmv to police the inspection stations and take away their licenses to operate.

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