Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:43 pm
It's not bad enough that most place in the South and Flori Duh have booming day and night, but the one city that would stand up to the boomers, got sued by two motorists and the ACLU and now towing has already been suspended for two years will not resume, to boot they settled on $50k to be split by the two offenders. We say enough, it's time to make noise and be heard, No Justice No Peace, what say you? Read all about it on City-Data and have your say if you want, tell these so-called defenders of freedom what you think of them and how they have just made it easier for the Bass Thugs to roam around this city as well as others that want to pass a similar law! based on some of the useless retorts we have gotten, there is a lot of sympathy for these bass thugs, what a shame.