law enforcement and noisy motorcycles

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Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:31 pm
My understanding is that police do not enforce the noise ordinances because it is very difficult to prove that a particular moving vehicle is producing the particular loud noise at a single instant. What police need it seems to me is something equivalent to a radar gun but for noise levels. I have been checking as to whether such a device could be developed and the answer is yes. There are now very specialized noise detection and location devices called acoustic cameras. I have been in contact with a company that makes these devices (Distran) and they are interested in developing an "acoustic gun." The development costs will be several hundred thousand dollars but they would proceed with development if they had a few firm purchase orders for $50.000 each. I know this seems like a lot for police departments but maybe not. And at least to me it would seem this amount could easily be raised in the community. Any suggestions? Is this worht proceeding with?
Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:09 am

However, you need yto share your idea with an "alive" gtroup of activists. This board is DEAD and I am the only active member. This board has been completely infiltrated by bots and abandonde by everyone, including its originator. You need to join the NOISEFREEAMERICA yahoo forum instead. There, educated people will work with you. Your lucky I even came here and found your post, because I gave up on this place myself lately.

The group offers members an opportunity to discuss their experiences fighting noise. Members get a great deal of information and moral support.

Go to and ask Ted how you can join that board, and then re-post this idea of your there asap. I want the others to know.

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