Heavy Bass in Vehicles and the criminal connection

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Sat Jun 21, 2014 2:36 am
Heavy Bass in Vehicles and the criminal connection

Postby nicenquiet » 06/20/14 21:59:33
The following letter is being sent to our local Oregon officials to hopefully get them to make the connection once and for all and prioritize these offenders with the drug and gang connection The truth is this should be getting out to every official and agency in the Western World! Please feel free to use and any and all context, I only ask that you leave the link in for substantiation. Also the incidents below happened years ago and I have not been able to find documentation online to support it, but I know for a fact they did happen. The part about the driver under the influence in a trance from the drums and bass did happened recently in U.K. a man was driving erratically, pulled over given a test and found no alcohol or controlled substance in his blood,but he was arrested for driving under the influence. You can find a link to that story and an explanation in the article Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous To Your Health on the link in the letter. If you haven't seen our poll about a nationwide sound pressure law and how it can be enforced, please take a look it's in polls.

After reading about the mother arrested for dealing meth with the 6 year old with meth in her system, I am outraged that no local enforcement agency as of yet has made the Heavy Bass, Drug connection especially related to meth. I have been in contact with my state representative on this issue and there is hope that a new law may be drafted for 2015 that will address the sole issue of unreasonable sound pressure levels in vehicles, until then I wish to bring to your attention strong evidence that indicates this kind of operation of a motor vehicle is a threat to other motorists, can put the driver into a trance and is doing more than just creating a nuisance but is rocking foundations of homes and businesses and often the victims are too afraid to report it for fear of retaliation, further more, a criminal element is hiding amongst these drivers and are often found to have violent histories, warrants for arrest and are in possession of drugs, paraphernalia and or weapons, this can not go unthwarted you can find all the data necessary to support these claims at http://loud.vze.com and subsequent links.

On an episode of cops I recently viewed an officer in Palm Beach FL. stopped a vehicle because according the deputy "I could feel the bass coming from your vehicle" upon searching the vehicle he discovered a quantity of Marijuana and subsequently arrested the driver, this is by no means a unique incident, in Gainesville FL. an officer regularly pulled over vehicles for loud music violations, usually thumping and found illegal drugs and weapons under the driver seat. In Ocala FL a vehicle was pulled over and the same was found. This is not exclusive to FL. there have been other states as well that this has occurred by having lived in FL. I am more familiar with those incidents. However in the sleepy little town of Fairfield IA. a vehicle was pulled over for heavy bass pounding from it and it was a meth lab on wheels. Meth and other drugs like them including Marijuana make it so these extreme Sound Pressure Levels that are excruciating to most normal human beings who are not drug users, is pleasurable for the drug using driver and is actually enhancing the experience. If more LEOs would do what these officers have done there would be a lot less drivers under the influence endangering motorists and causing accidents and mayhem. This is by no means exclusive to the Willamett Valley and should be considered by every government agency in the country! This is why a dedicated task force solely for these violators must be activated, the measly fine will not be the deterrent, the arrest for the outstanding warrants and knowing that one less drug user and dealer is off the streets will, please take a serious look at the information provided and take the necessary actions to address the issue as it gets more and more out of control and as the drug epidemic here OR. also grows out of control. Please note I"m just an ordinary law abiding citizen who is doing their best to raise awareness on this issue.

Thank you.
Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:56 pm
Well, nobody wants to admit it except for us, but heres the truh and we all know it: If someone is pumping basws that loud, OBVIOUSLY theyre on drugs! Nobody in their right mind would be doing that! And yes, there is a connection between crime and bass. Im glad those officers are pulling over the bass zombies and hopefully more will do the same. Becuase the bass zombies are the criminals! Not only are they criminals because of their terrorising communities with noise, but many of these people are criminals in other ways also. For example, Lehigh Acres FL makes the news virtually every night and is also the heat of bass thumping noise. Yes, Im not kidding; virtually every night on the evening news theres another burglary or other violent crime. Anyoone can look it up and see that it is a crime town. The bass is simply a manifestation of teh criminals! I created 3 new videos exposing this proble. To the average person, these videos would be boring. But to us who are victims of this kind of terrorism, these are interesting, important videos! Here are all 3:




See the connection between crime, drugs, and bass noise with this video series. This is all the proof we need, despite the fact that the internet is crawling with uneducated, brainwashed idiots who defend the criminals! Of coarse they defend them, because theire brains are shot on drugs!!!!
Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:58 pm
By the way, Ive never been to Oregon, but I thought it was the middle of knowhere. Are you in some big city? If so, you should move out to the country. The presence of degenerate bass zombies will be replaced with TREES

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