engine brakes on semi trucks

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Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:49 pm
For years we have been harassed by truckers that insist on using their engine brakes near our home. Problem is, we live in rural South Dakota and the State does not have an engine braking ban like Iowa so therefore not one leg to stand on. Local County Commissioners pretty much laughed us out of the Commissioners room when we requested posting signs. The truckers around here are rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate and hateful idiots that now are abusing the engine brakes to harass us day and night. Cops won't do anything because there is no ordinance in this County. States Attorney pretty much told us that truckers have said that we are the problem and that they will continue to use them because "they have to" in order to stop or slow down.
The engine brakes are an emergency device to be used to avoid runaways on hills and mountains and are now being used to avoid wear and tear on the standard brakes on the trucks. So this means any trucker can use them on their unmuffled, straight stacked trucks and no one is doing anything about it.
We pretty much gave up on these idiots and have decided to sell our farm and move on to quieter settings.
Does anyone else have this problem and what have they done about it and has it helped.
The trucking industry is so insistent on the use of the engine brakes no matter what, at our expense. My health problems which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a family history of strokes and heart attacks and osteoarthritis are being aggravated and just recently the States Attorney told us why we didn't tell him sooner that I have health issues. LIke that would have changed anything. To add insult to injury the Sheriff showed up and asked if he should talk to the truckers to ask him to stop and I pretty much told him it's a little late as we put the farm up for sale.
We live a quarter mile from an intersection and traffic on the highway has increased so much over the last ten years since the Ethanol plant opened up 14 miles east of us, the traffic is pretty much non stop. Living near the Interstate can't possibly be any worse.
We are 47 going on 48 and my hubby is of retirement age and lived here all his live and we not get any respect from anyone.
I hate this State and pretty much everyone in this Community because of their ignorance so I just hate the fact that we are being forced to start over somewhere else due to harassment by the trucking industry which is obviously more important than my health.
Thanks for your feedback
Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:09 am
(I am posting a response to this two years after it was posted)

This is a difficult situation as urbanity sprawls. I understand it is heartbreaking being forced from your home. I feel the same way as people move in on where I grew up.

The first question I have is that you accuse all truckers around there of fitting into a category of "rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate and hateful idiots". I understand that that is your emotions talking because you are upset and rightly so. My question is how do you know it's truckers just around there? Are these truckers just local trucks from the ethanol plant? Truckers ship things all over the country and supply you with many of the goods you purchase in the stores. I know since you are long time small community residents that you probably would just tell me that you don't get many goods from the store and buy local products. If that is the case, good on you. I believe in that as well but it's hard to convince the rest of the world to take on a sustainable lifestyle unfortunately so we have to combat it with trying to spread awareness. Just try not to stereotype all truckers because it will not help matters. All truckers are different just like all of us with sound complaints shouldn't be stereotyped into cranky whiners.

I took a 3000 mile road trip recently and in many towns noticed a "engine breaking prohibited" sign and there are also truck routes that route trucks around certain areas sometimes. Even though I was just in my car I would take them sometimes to get through faster. My other feedback is just that there are obviously issues all around the country for this and enough to make many cities post signs. I'd would try to locate and research that and try not to let your emotions rule when approaching people about the problem. Most likely they are not seeing the problem as personal because they haven't lived with it in the same way you have so it's your job to approach them in a way to convince your side of it or to make them aware of the issue without them going on the defensive.

Another thought on how to approach this if you really had the time to get involved is look into how the trucking industry is run. On my road trip I also noticed trucks driving at speeds of 85-90 MPH that must be burning through a lot of gasoline. They must have it figured out that they make more money to get a product somewhere faster than they lose on the extra gas they burn through driving at higher speeds. If this isn't the case, they may not be aware that driving slower they will actually increase their profit by getting better miles per gallon. It's something I was curious thinking about on my road trip. Maybe make awareness that they can make more money driving slower, or see if something can be done about why they are in such a hurry. It's all driven by money and I think that people waste money a lot of the time just because they are not aware of any alternatives.

Good luck with this difficult situation and please report back on how it turned out if you can to help others.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:01 pm
Trucks going 85-90mph is crazy, dangerous and absolutely illegal. Trucks are not meant for that kind of speeds, especially with a trailer. In society there has to be a carefully crafted balance between individual freedoms and the freedoms of others which that conflicts with. That's why (unfortunately) there need to be laws in place which regulate exactly where one freedom ends and the other begins. Laws are useless however, if they are not enforced. In that case they actually become harmful as they punish the honest and even give the dishonest a leg up which can be used for personal benefit. Unfortunately, exactly that leg up has become the recipe for success in our society. Success is not getting caught.
Making noise is obviously where other people's freedom starts (and in this case actually not just freedom but a necessity for life, like clean air, water, food...) and hence where personal freedom needs to be limited. That is actually the case in most areas by law. Including engine brakes, horns, exhausts etc. .
It's just not being enforced because somehow a "freedom lobby" has manufactured consent on enforcement of laws is bad, equates to big government or being "unfree". The opposite is the case.

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