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Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:29 pm
Are you able to record the noise, upload it to youtube, and share the link with me? I would like to see how its possible that a high pitched noise can go through the apartment so easily. Usually low frequency noise is the noise which travels so easily. The only advise I have is to build a coffin like sleeping box with an air circulation system and sleep in that. Can you reach the guy's vent from the ground?
Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:28 am
Jonib, let me assure you, I was not trying to disrespectful at all. I dont knoww why you thought this. I was trying to help. If you check this forum, you will see that I am the #1 most active member here. The forum here sucks. It has no activity except for myself, some trolls, and a new person once in a while like yourself. So I dont blame you for being disappointed in it, but please dont think that of me. If you check some of my past posts, you will see that I often take video footage of people who make noise and put them up on Youtube. Its become a hobby of mine; a way of exposing these people. I simply wanted to hear the noise for myself and thats why I brought that up. The manager of this site will not respond to anything. He has abandoned this place long ago. And I have thought about the coffin idea for myself in the past, so I was only suggesting it for you. Sorry I couldnt help any better.
Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:50 pm
Noise is pollution. Pollution is a by-product of everything we do as living creatures. Often pollutants from one species form the foundation of life for other species. At some point, every living being itself briefly becomes a pollutant, forming the foundation of some other life forms. That's the balance of life and is in a way regulated by evolution. Anything not in balance and well adapted will be modified to the point that it becomes well adapted and in balance with everything else - or extinct.

Humans are no different. We believe we are different, because we have developed a slightly more powerful brain than other creatures which has invented a curious thing - the idea of "self". From an evolution point of view that seemed to have been a good thing for a while as humans obviously "prospered" substantially over other species. Then something went wrong. The "self" mutated from a useful tool for survival to something that started to make big claims. Against other species and also against one another.

Now we have come to a point where we are at a very high rate destroying not only our own base for existence but also that of a huge number of other species. Granted, there is nobody who actually cares about some species going extinct somewhere, there are still enough of them and nature will create new ones, but there is also nobody who actually cares about humans going extinct.

And that's the problem of the "self": It has developed into something which only cares about itself. We do include our immediate surroundings into that, like family, friends etc. - but not much more. Beekeepers might worry about bees going extinct, but even most people who like honey don't really care - because honey comes from supermarkets.
As long as we believe in our entitlement, in our right to do something, we do it. If that's a problem for somebody else we might consider that as long as that somebody is either dear to us or we have reasons to be afraid of them. Otherwise we absolutely don't care. Of course we all run around all day exclaiming how much we care about this and that, even Africa, but that's actually a blatant lie.
Fact is, we don't.

Realizing this, a couple of hundred years ago, some people came up with something called "social contract". In essence the idea is that we all give up some rights (mainly the right to kill each other or just take each other's stuff) and pick some representatives who for some reason we believe/hope can take the role of mediators in case conflicts arise amongst us. This idea was supposed to be the idea overcoming the dark ages of what was thought to be "war of everybody against everybody else". That social contract (or social compact) directly became the basis for "western" civilization and constitutions, for example the so often quoted US constitution.
It takes some powers from individuals, gives that to representatives/institutions and in return afford protection and "justice" to the individuals - that's the contract. It was to be clearly limited in order to draw a clear line towards absolutism, monarchy, dictatorships or the like and also explicitly limits the powers of those institutions - guaranteeing basic freedoms. Lastly, potentially most importantly, it was very strongly based on the people's explicit consent!

In those days, pollution was not much of a concern. Population was substantially lower than today, there was a lot of open space and the industrial revolution was yet to come on full force. There was not such an obvious imbalance of humankind with the rest of nature and so this whole subject was not so urgent. How much noise could a guy make without a lot of technical help? How much noise could you tolerate from somebody living a few miles away on the next farm? How much waste/water/air pollution did people make who were farming with pretty much mostly natural means? The occasional wood burning fire-place was probably barely noticeable in the next farmhouse over. Mind you - in cities this was a whole different story, that must have been hell, actually. One of the things Napoleon is credited to having invented (or at least started at a large scale) is garbage collection in cities.

Today, the situation is substantially different. Most of us sit very close to one another. If I don't shower even one day, at least ten people will notice. Now, everyone of us through technology and cheap energy has powers that back then army's didn't have. A single Harley/boom car/washer/dryer can make more noise than an entire village back then, and it can happen two feet away from us. Our legislation, version of the good old social contract has not kept up with development. Two parties are not really a "choice" - and cannot reflect the multitude of issues. That's why the social contract is broken, many people (including myself) are not convinced any longer that the current government(s) are capable or even have the proper mandate. The social contract is based explicitly on the people's consent. Voting every four years on two (lousy) options does not constitute consent. Being brainwashed for half a year before that vote is to take place by utilizing Billions of dollars from "special interests" and a media frenzy without comparison does not constitute consent.

People have started to realize that: The social contract is broken. Logically they are resorting back to the alternative: Fight tooth and nail for your own interest. What we don't realize that that throws us back into the dark ages, in which period I REALLY wouldn't have wanted to live. Now, however, it's even worse: In the dark ages you could just piss off - disappear into the woods and live there probably quite undisturbed for potentially generations. Since people weren't so used to cellular phone coverage and microwave ovens, they probably didn't even mind much the simpler life. We can't do that today. I am stuck in the system and it doesn't matter in which country I live in. There is no place in the world in which it's possible to survive that is not ruled/run/ruined by some governmental system, by now mostly following similar principles. There are some places that are worse, granted. Those ISIS idiots not only cut heads off, they are probably also noisy as hell :-)

Seriously - people, we need to get our senses back!! What the hell are we doing here? It's not all about us. If we have an opinion - no, not everybody NEEDS to hear it. If we like some particular music, great, maybe somebody is interested, then they should inquire about it - but we shouldn't force it on them.
Any technical device which -as an unfortunately unavoidable by-product- releases pollutants, including noise, should be engineered to produce as little as possible of that. It's called efficiency (Defined as Ratio of useful output to needed input or pollutant output). Efficiency is what engineering is all about. Optimizing wanted output while minimizing resource usage and pollution.

A dryer that makes any more audible noise than basically just hearing that it's on when you're standing in front of it is either broken or lousy, cheap engineering.
A dryer is a useless waste of energy anyways, especially in California where clothes dry in no time at all just hanging them for a while. Wasting energy for a little convenience is what gets us all into trouble. Adding big noise into that making lives miserable for others is really shitty.

Sure, you could retaliate by shooting noise back, any powerful stereo system will be capable of that, the internet is full of cites offering sound samples from helicopters to jets, cannons or, worst, Harleys which you could use. But then you are potentially making other people's lives even more miserable because it's hard to direct noise at somebody specific.
Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:12 am
Ludovico, this world is hopless. Even Jesus himself had no hope in it and said that its not his kingdom. We must pray to him to allow us into his kingdom of heaven when we die. this life is only temporal and is in the world of wickedness. People are so wicked that they even crucified him on a cross because they didnt like what he had to say. Sure, people didnt have boom cars back then, but psychopaths and wicked people have always been on this earth and thats why God created heaven and hell. I have no hope that things will get better on this earth. Things did for a little while because of courageous men like Geroge Washington and other warriors fighting for good. But those were exceptional men and excetional times (the late 1700s). Now that those great men of God have passed on, we are going back into dark ages again. But this time theyve got technology. Again, youre a genious. You see it all my friend.

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