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Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:15 pm
Brief history. I live in a community that has gaming and casinos. Until last summer the residential areas that border these areas were only minimally affected. Last summer the General Managers at the casino across from my home decided to have outdoor pool concerts until 11pm. The language is vulgar and excessive during most of these events. We called our local police department and were told they had a permit. We were told they would not take any complaints. Anyway this all started in March .... Last pool party was in October.
Our city has decided to propose a new noise ordinance to "deal"with the problem. But the city is obviously in cahoots with the casino. They are proposing to get rid of residential zoning and make all zones within the city the same. So industrial , commercial and residential are all the same noise level. This level is proposed to be 75 dba during the daytime hours which will now be defined from 6 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday nights.... And until 10 pm on all other days.
It's very obvious this is being written to accommodate the casino and their choice to do outdoor entertainment.
I need any ideas how to stop this. As I said our city council is on board with this noisy agenda.
My windows rattle and shake to the bass and the language over the PA system is anything other than good for my children to hear.
Please advise us before its too late. We have already expressed concern to our elected officials... They just keep saying... The casino brings in much needed revenue ...
Again thank you for any advise .. I need to know how to go higher than the mayor and council in this town. Otherwise my quality of life will be miserable every weekend.
Thanks in advance
Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:15 am
Hi Jenni. The casino is lobbying the city council to change the zoning law. You need to hire an attorney to file an injunction against the casino to stop the noise. I do not know if there is a means to which your attorney can delay the city council on changing the zoning laws while a lawsuit is pending. Usually, public notice is given allowing residents to respond to city permits where they may be affected.

I would also obtain a copy of the permit the casino may have filed, it is possible the casino did not even bother getting one and the police is simply refusing to take enforcement action against the casino.

The 75dba level does not measure for bass driven (low frequency) noise which is what is causing most of your noise problems. The library section on NoiseOFF includes a subsection on health effects caused by noise, you will need this when presenting any kind of response to the city council.
Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:46 pm
Sorry to tell you but "money talks and bs walks". It's about who has more pull and it's obvious that "little" guys like us are written off as collateral damage to the noise industry.
Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:49 pm
Thank you.... And you are absolutely right ... This New noise ordinace passes with flying colors in our city council meeting last Febuary. So now the casino does the Pooloza parties every weekend!!! I love the greed of money in a city..... And a council that pads their own pockets....very disappointed that unless it affects you today.... No one worries.... But as this town has seen.... They have no regards for anyone or anything .... So those who thought it didn't affect them.... Have found out they were wrong. People need to band together .... They can make a difference .... They just are to lazy to do it.

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